SINGAPORE : “BETTER INDIAN FOOD THAN INDIA” // suriya curry house, good prices & portions, friendly service, open-air, cafeteria style, didn’t have to go to india or little india

AirBnB Host

LML: “Singapore has BETTER Indian Food than India??”

Jehan: (Nods Head) “Yeah, they do and if you want a comparision- it’s just as good as the Indian Food in London.”

LML: “OMG. I need to check this out! Should I go to Little India??”

Jehan: “You could… but I know a place that’s cheaper than the touristy Little India… and just as good. Wanna go?”

Suriya Curry House, the 24 Hour Banana Leaf Restaurant

536 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534551

Located near the purple line metro, you can find Suriya down the road from the station. It’s an open air, cafeteria style kinda deal. All of the Indian fare is displayed behind glass cases with the occasional fly caught inside. The service is friendly, the prices are a steal, and the portions are generous.

Regarding whether or not the food is better than India, I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to India. And to be perfectly honest, I’m not a big Indian food-eater. But if you like Indian food and you like good prices and are in the area, Jehan swears by it! Let me know what you think if you try it!

PS: Don’t order the octopus as a side dish… they do not serve fresh seafood.

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