Singapore Sling

After spending time in Cambodia & Vietnam, Singapore was exactly what I needed.

A breath of cleanliness.

Some people may argue that Singapore is too sterile. Some people say the country lacks culture due to the control of the government. Some people say its amazing. And well, there’s truth in all of those statements.

Even though their Singapore Slings are seriously overrated (no joke they’re kinda gross- fruity/sweet overkill)… I loved everything else about Singapore.

I know I was only there for a short time period, but I think I could see myself living in a city like Singapore. Reminds me of an honest yet smaller, cleaner, spacious Manhattan.

Some locals have told me that Singapore loses its charm after 30 days…but in my opinion, if you really wanted to escape this city, Indonesia, HK, Java, Laos, India, Thailand and the rest of SE Asia are just an Air Asia flight away.

OVERALL: Three nights may have been a better idea than two, but I was able to see and do everything I wanted.I wouldn’t have minded repeating the Lau Pa Sat hawker stalls, another visit to the botanic gardens, another dinner at a different celebrity restaurant or a swim in the Marina Bay Sands pool ( +/-  a round of black jack in the casino)… but it’s time to move onto the next country.

Next Destination? Just a 5 hr bus ride away from Singapore… #wwLML?


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