MALAYSIA :: THE JOURNEY TO KUALA LAMPUR // 5hr. bus ride, immigration, government officials covered from head-to-toe, confusing train lines

Bus to Malaysia

Okay I’m getting back on track with my writing… Malaysia has been long overdue so let’s get started…

Driving into Kuala Lumpur was kinda boring, long and lonely. I bought one of those luxury bus tickets from Marina Bay Sands for approximately $20-30 Singaporean dollars and ended up with an entire bus all to myself.

Private Coach? Yes Please.

When I found out the news I was super excited to take advantage of the seat selection, but they were all sort of uncomfortable. And the free-wifi? Non-existent.

So I ate a little, wrote a lot. Slept a little, thought a lot.

The bus ride wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t pleasant either. I thought we’d just roll right on into KL ahead of schedule, but it took even longer than I had anticipated.

We left 20 minutes behind schedule because they were trying to fill the seats… and then there were a few standard protocols that took awhile: driver had to drop me off at immigration, I shyly passed the government soldiers (who were covered from head to toe in the blazing heat), then I filled out paperwork, got back on the bus, driver drove down the street, then I had to get off with all of my bags, and then he took his 30 minute lunch. Lengthy process for a drive-thru (if you ask me).

When I actually set foot in Kaula Lampur (KL), the driver dropped me off in their version of Times Square… and well, let’s just say it’s not the Times-kinda-Square I’m used to. Not knowing where to go, I tried to get on the metro but they didn’t take Singaporean Money (sometimes you get lucky where the country will take multiple currencies)… so I went into a mall, exchanged my leftover Singaporean Dollars, jumped on the metro to KL Sentral and was told to get off and change train lines to the Kelana Jaya line… but I couldn’t find the connection to Kelana Jaya… where is it??? How could I miss an entire train station???

I tried asking for help (but I was in a pretty local area and no one spoke English to me)… so I tried to pick up wifi with my iPad but I couldn’t catch a signal. I even tried calling my AirBnB host for help, but no pay phones were in sight (almost forgot I was in a third world country for a second). So yeah, I got lost for an hour, but getting lost paid off.

I finally figured out that there was another metro station about a mile away (because they built the public transportation system incorrectly…  I mean, who does that??)… so I bought a metro card, jumped on the train and thought to myself, “Why did I leave Singapore?”

To Be Continued…

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