MALAYSIA :: PETRONAS TOWERS // name reminds me of a spell in a harry potter book, the structure brings back memories of 9-11-01

Petronas Tower

Stunning aren’t they?

As I stared up at the worlds tallest standing twin towers, unexpected flashbacks of 09-11-01 swarmed into my mind- busy telephone signals, screams, an overwhelming amount of blood donations, thick black fog lurking in the sky, and the American Flag flying across the WTC with the numbers 09-11-01… needless to say, I was a mixed bag of emotions.

I didn’t think anything of the Petronas Towers until I was there. I thought they were going to be like any other tourist attraction until I got up close and personal… so instead of looking up into those beautiful twin towers, I took a picture of other people, in compromising awkward artistic positions, who were directly in front of the towers… enjoy…

Never Forget 9-11-01

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