MALAYSIA :: LML TOURS AROUND KUALA LAMPUR // batu caves, central market, petronas towers, mosques, temples, parks, sseayp goodbye

Farewell SSEAYP

Hana, Pin and I became three-peas-in-a-pod while touring around KL. We crawled climbed all 272 steps up the Batu Caves together, visited hawker centers, saw the Petronas Towers, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together… visited exhibits that we had no interest in what-so-ever, saw temples, entered mosques… shopped, dined, and then shopped some more.

When it was finally time for their ship to set sail, we said our goodbyes SSEAYP style…

SSEAYP participants are toss down a colorful ribbon to their host family to represent the connection that they made with their host families. Can you connect me to a ribbon?? #wwLML

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