MALAYSIA :: BEST THING I ATE IN KL // handmade roti made by a guy in a hat and served by a girl in a scarf

Malaysian Roti

This, my friends, was the BEST thing I ate in Malaysia.

Handmade ROTI, I repeat, HANDMADE!

What is roti?  Well, roti is generally known as a “South Asian bread made from stoneground wholemeal flour”. Depending on the country you’re in, it can differ in thickness, toppings and textures. In this case my Malaysian roti was thick, fluffy and savory.

The friendly man in a hat was rolling his roti on a little wooden table, in an open square. They served each roti on colorful plastic plate that looked like they’ve gone through hell and back…. but once I pulled apart that steaming hot roti (on a chilly-yet-sunny morning), I was in a trance.

Rip, dip, eat, repeat.

I actually bought five of them, along with 5 coffees and two sauces for 11 ringgits (approx $4.00)… and I know what you’re thinking… I probably could’ve eaten 5 on my own, however that wasn’t the case… I actually, shared ::gasp::

Thanks for sharing this sweet spot with me Din!

Next post will be another favorite treat from KL…

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