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Malaysian Ingredients

Ok so, I have no clue where the video went for this post. I purposely stalked a plump guy, in a beanie and black shades, handrolling curry puffs in KL, Malaysia.

It was kinda sorta amazing watching this guy in action because I would’ve imagined him as a guy smoking a pipe under a palm tree, not the kinda guy that can make the most amazing curry puffs I’ve ever had in my life.

T’is true.

Curry puffs are super popular in Malaysia; some say their the Malay version of empanadas (a stuffed flaky pastry). Since I don’t know where the video is (super-bummed) to show you what I saw… I’ll walk you through the curry puff making process verbally.

First he took a piece of dough (I assume they were prepared much earlier in the day so it had time to rest), rolled it out, plopped a spoonful of the curry filling (potatoes, onion & spices) in the center, and then he wrapped it like a braided pocket (this process is kinda like the way I make dumplings, right?)… OMG, they were beautiful.

Photo By: Rasa Malaysia

Once the man in the shades and the beanie finished a tray, an older woman (definitely his mother) brought them over to her husband so he could dip them into the fryer.

PS: Aren’t you loving that this is a family business??

When the tray of 20 freshly rolled curry puffs passed by, I made sure to put an order while they were cooking. When it came out… it was hot, smoking hot.

The crispiness of the dough was so complimentary to the uber soft, spicy potato mix (yes, these were vegetarian and they weren’t greasy at all)- I was in foodie heaven.

After the first bite I ordered 5 more for 3 ringgit ($1.00) to take as a snack with me for the day.

Photo By: Keep Learning Keep Smiling

If I were smarter, I would’ve ordered the entire tray before they got sold out within seconds… but I wasn’t so now I have to learn how to make them in my own home. If you’re interested as well, check out this recipe I found from Keep Learning Keep Smiling!

And if you want to learn how to roll one, check out this video I found on youtube:


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