MALAYSIA :: LYCHEE VS. RAMBUTAN // exotic fruit in SEasia, unknown jungle fruit to many, similarities & differences


I had planned on writing an entire post about my jungle fruit discoveries while traveling in Malaysia… but who likes re-inventing the wheel? Instead, you can check out this link to learn about the following fruit in SE Asia:

  1. Durian
  2. Purple Mangosteen
  3. Dragonfruit
  4. Tamarind
  5. Rambutan
  6. Lychee

What I will talk about are the similarities and differences between a lychee and a rambutan.

Yes, rambutan- it’s a word and a fruit!

When I first laid my eyes on rambutan, my first thought was, “Wow those lychee are on steroids!”

Isn’t that what you thought too?

When someone told me they were different than the lychee fruit, I was intrigued. So I inspected, tasted and devoured an entire bag.


Let’s just take a closer look at the  rambutan…

and the lychee…

Photo By: Radar Informations

Physically: Both of them are round and colorful. Rambutan are larger and have long spikey hairs on the skin. On the interior, both fruits are white and syrupy.

Taste: Both are sweet but the lychee are sweeter. Both have pits but the rambutan are easier to separate from the pit.

Nutrition: Both are low in fat, high in vitamins and minerals, iron and potassium.

PS: Just to throw in a fun fact… a Chef says he cooks them in savory dishes in his sauces as well as for desserts (icecream).

PPS: When I was researching online about exotic, unknown fruit… I stumbled upon this link and learned something new from LISTVERSE about even more exotic fruit around the world!

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  •  Thank you so much for sharing this info with us! I never heard of a fruit called rambutan before! I love lychee so I think I’ll like rambutan too!

    • littlemisslocal

      Love the feedback! Please continue by letting me know what you like :)
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  • love the rambutan! It was my favourite “can’t stop food” when I was in Thailand! And picking them from the tree using a very long piece of bamboo was sooo fun!

    • littlemisslocal

      Love the video you shared on fb!!

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