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General Info:

  • KL is situated in the middle of jungle hence the warm climate and large variety of fruit
  • KL is surprisingly posh and modern; multi-million hotels are popping up in the center of the city near the Petronas Towers
  • However, when you drive outside of the city you will see natural waterfalls and gorgeous views


  • Most people in Malaysia are Muslim so women over the age of 13 will be covered from head to toe
  • By law, there must be a mosque in every building for prayer (even in parking garages)


  • Apparently, KL has a horrible rain season during November-December (hint: don’t go during those months)
  • KL experiences THREE SEASONS in ONE DAY: chilly in the morning, hot during the day, rain in the evening… without fail… carry a rain jacket!


  • Vendors will sell fresh meat off the street and it’s clean/safe to purchase
  • The Central Market is a hawker center BUT it’s a tourist trap so I’d avoid purchasing any food or souvenirs from there…
  • Go to  Kampung Baru for the Hawker Stalls and try Hainanese Blue Rice
  • Take advantage of their Night Markets- some of the best local food and deals anyone could ask for!!
  • Malaysia has some of the best jungle fruit so try mangosteen, durian & rambutan from local vendors (FYI: colorful rambutan will be cheaper because they’re from local farmers)
  • Malaysia may be known to do good satays, La Pau Sat Singapore is better
  • Curry Houses stay open late night incase you ever get hungry, yum!


  • It’s actually really easy to navigate around KL via public transportation so just check the map before you travel (unlike me who got lost upon arrival)
  • I would recommend buying a metro card asap… standing in line for a ticket is tedious and long so you might as well pay a few more cents for the added convenience :)

Party Scene:

  • KL loves to party
  • Dance scene is huge- bottle service, VIP areas, red carpets
  • Big CouchSurfing scene in KL- glad to have met so many locals in the city
  • Don’t forget to carry a license or some form of ID with you because they will card you at clubs; not to mention, police will perform regular car checks and body searches (on guys) for drugs.
  • Gates can be difficult to open at 4am, DO NOT climb over brick walls… otherwise you’ll end up with one of these…


  • Kuala Lampur was a little too touristy for me…
  • When I found the local areas (which will be difficult for travelers without a car), they were gold mines!! Completely impressed me with their local food scene (except for otak otak which is a fish meat/spice cake wrapped in a banana leaf)
  • But for me, this was the definitive kicker…

I mean, really? VIP at McDonalds Drive-Thru?? That says something.

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  • remember the rule: never climb…

    Great post about KL: neat but full of informations!
    Keep it up Cliffhanger!!!:D