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lululemon at Brooklyn Half Marathon

I went to sleep at 2am and woke up at 5:30. Semi-awake on this beautiful Saturday morning, I managed to navigate from Manhattan to Prospect Park, Brooklyn for the Half Marathon (about a 1hr commute).

Did you run the marathon?? Hell-to-the-no!

I was there to do what I do best, CHEER!

Volunteers were asked to make their way out to the park to cheer on the runners, and I was SO GAME. I didn’t know a soul in the race, but I dressed in our cheer station color: PINK, grabbed a sign, rocked out to our music and started jumping up and down as the runners passed by (literally for an hour straight- helloooo cardiooo).

As for my sign… let’s just say, I know what will make a New Yorker move FASTER…

“You’re LATE for WORK!!!” xoxo LML

Supporting a group of strangers who were in the process of achieving a major goal- PRICELESS.

I could tell that the runners appreciated our presence- giving us a smile, a thumbs up, a high five, a glance or a nod at the half way point of their race. I would volunteer to cheer over and over just to lift someone’s spirit again… SUCH AN AMAZING HIGH.

Congrats Runners!!!!!!!!!!! You were so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!

To continue the AWESOME-NESS, some of the cheer team decided to go for breakfast at a diner called Dizzy’s near the 7th Avenue metro stop- after all, we were finished cheering by 9am.

The first order- 3 Bottomless Mugs of Coffee (a.k.a unlimited coffee) and to make it even better, my friend Hannah brought French Vanilla Stevia to flavor it up a hot notch.

PS: This was the first cup of American Coffee I’ve ever had in my life.

Coffee went really well with the complimentary bread basket filled with Fresh Scones, Muffins and Strawberry Butter… so yummy and moist!

And for my main dish, our waitress recommended The Otis (which is NOT featured on the menu at this location); the Otis has 2 egg whites, avocado, veggie sausage and cheese in a spinach wrap. Mila, our waitress oversaw the making of this wrap since it was a first for this location, and OMG it was SO spot on!!! Big thanks to Mila for this recommending this $5.50 wrap!!!!

Such a great morning… and guess what… it didn’t stop there! Following this event, I went to The Great GoogaMooga in Prospect Park… CLICK HERE!

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