NYC EVENT :: PART 1 THE GREAT GOOGAMOOGA // prospect park, brooklyn, general admission ticket, line strategies, foodspotting, free music, pocket full of cash, sunshine & sunburn


Googa. Mooga. What does that even mean??

The internet doesn’t have a definition, but I guess everyone pondered the same question when we first heard of “google”.

Moving on.

Googa Mooga by LML definition means commuting to Brooklyn for a full day of food, fun and sun…

Thousands (and I literally mean thousands) of people made their way to Prospect Park with a Golden GoogaMooga ticket in hand.

Participants anticipated 75 food vendors and a stage with celebrity Chefs, restauranteurs, brewers, and musicians- think amusement park for foodies & substitute rollercoasters for food vendors- can you feel the excitement?!

GoogaMooga Strategy:

  • Go to the Bank: If you’re a credit card kind of person you would’ve been screwed. Vendors only accepted cash or “Googamoula” at certain tents.
  • Get Directions to the Front Entrance: Volunteers/workers were a bit unorganized when it came to directing people to the front gate… needless to say, my friends (Elynn & Mike) walked around in circles for a good 20 minutes… thank goodness it was a beautiful day.
  • Arrive One Hour Earlier than the Starting Event Time: At 10:20am we stood 50 people deep- gates opened 30 minutes behind schedule but that was probably better than entering before the vendors were ready to serve- cup is half full ya’ll!
  • Decide which booths are a “MUST TRY” while waiting: Googa Mooga provided a list of vendors in their designated areas. As we entered the venue, we dashed over to our MUST TRY booths before the lines either got too long, lost quality control or ran out of food.
  • Power in Numbers: Going in a group is ideal. Mike, Elynn and I made the most of the event by watching each others’ bags, jumping on various lines, sharing/sampling a variety of food and enjoying the sounds all together. Three is company… but any more than that gets complicated.
  • Eat While Waiting on the Next Food Line: Not ideal, but efficient.
  • Dress Accordingly: If I had gone with my instinct, I would’ve worn a bathing suit. True story- I hid under a picnic table to avoid direct contact with the sun…



The Great Googa Mooga was totally my scene. Food, fun & more food (possibly too much sun). I truly enjoyed sitting in the tiniest patch of shade, taking in the atmosphere and listening to the music in the background while smelling burgers, hot dogs, and lobsters on grills. Since we arrived early, we skipped long lines and just got right to eating. With a satisfied belly, I was able to take in the free music and enjoy the event.

GoogaMooga may have been my version of heaven (pre-crowd chaos).

To check out my Top 5 Eats at The Great GoogaMooga, stay tuned!

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