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1. The Meat Hook // Long Dog $8.00

Pork sausage dog with all the fixins (kraut, cheese, peppers). This was the first order I purchased and possibly my favorite of the entire day. Sausage was full of flavor and extremely juicy. Meat Hook vendors were extremely welcoming- they even played a friendly game of rocks, paper, scissor for a Meat Hook Koozie… and let’s just say, I left with two (which came in handy by keeping our water bottles cool throughout the hot summer day).

2. Do or Dine // Large Foie Gras Doughnut $11.00

Foie Gras? In a doughnut? For those of you who are unfamiliar with foie gras, it’s duck liver. And it is delicious, but I wouldn’t think of pairing it with a doughnut… however, The Do or Dine Restaurant did.

First bite was a lot of fruity jam. The doughnut itself was soft and moist but I was more concerned about the foie gras. By third bite the foie gras oozed out and paired much better with the jelly… but the texture felt a little too similar to hummus.

See the foie gras I ate in Paris, France by Le Petite Perigourdine!

3. Simply Chicken by Jean George // Ginger Soda $5.00 & Chicken Sandwich $10.00

When I saw a tent for Simply Chicken by Jean George, I literally sprinted… and I do not sprint. When I arrived at the stand I was a little baffled as to why there was no line, however I took advantage of the opportunity and ordered everything (and by everything, I mean ALL TWO ITEMS) on their menu- ginger soda and their chicken sandwich. The sandwich itself was clean, simple, and delicious. For an extremely hot day, full of greasy food and a ton of people, Jean George’s sandwich was spot on- I absolutely loved it.

And not only did I love the sandwich, but I LOVED the ginger soda. Super refreshing, spicy and satisfying.

4. Lukes Lobster // Lobster Roll $15.00

Oh Luke. I love you, but there was no way I was waiting in that line (when I could just roll up at the Luke’s Lobster in the East Village) for one of your delicious lobster rolls. And luckily I didn’t have to, Elynn did ;)  And she waited for a good 45 mins while I burned in the sun… however, when all was said and done, the hand stuffed lobster roll was worth it.

Suggestion: It would’ve been better if the poor girl behind the counter had more help. Luckily, people are patient when it comes to lobster.

5. Colicchio & Sons // Pork Belly Taco $7.00

I’ve been waiting to dine at Colicchio & Sons since Restaurant Week, but plans were changed & reservations were (unfortunately) cancelled. So it was redemption time. We ordered their featured dish, pork belly tacos; I tasted the pork belly first and it was lean, crispy, flavorful and delicious. When I ate the pork belly with the rest of the taco, it was even more enjoyable with the garnishes.

To finish the meal I was headed for Wooly’s Ice, but the line was insane…

So instead, read up about it from my friends at OMG Foodie!

Overall I had a wonderful Googa Mooga experience. I absolutely loved how each stand had one, maybe two featured dishes instead of a large selection.

Good call Googa Mooga.

And it’s true what they say, “the early bird gets the worm” if you bring cash. Thanks for a great day in Brooklyn, Googa Mooga- I never knew how green the grass was on the other side- literally!

PS: If you missed out on Part 1 of The Great Googa Mooga, click here for tips on how to Googa Mooga ;)

DISCLAIMER: I only had a General Admission ticket so I did not try every booth- these were my Top 5 out of the booths I tasted. I skipped many of the booths that I’ve already eaten at before like Baohaus, DuMont Burger, Spotted Pig, Hill Country, Momofoku, South Brooklyn Pizza (horrible service), Big Gay Icecream, Crif Dogs, Kombucha Brooklyn, Sullivan St. Bakery, & people’s pops… hmm, maybe I have tried almost ALL of the food vendors… just not at this event! Reviews in the future for my favorites!

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