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New York City Foodspotters gathered together one sunny afternoon to gorge down tacos. A lot of tacos.

We convened in Washington Square Park among the trees and the tourists, complete with a large plastic picnic sheet and a rapid order of taco deliveries.

See the play-by-play below.

Umm, before this event I never knew how far $20.00pp (per person) could stretch… taco-wise… did you??


Sabor A Taqueria: The Fish Taco was my favorite of all 200 tacos… I think that says enough.

Hotel Tortuga: A majority of the group was hungover so the greasy-messy nachos were a huge hit. It was a Sunday afternoon post-holiday, you understand.

Mercadito Grove: Plantains! Maybe it’s because I love plantains in general or maybe it’s because they were still hot, sugarfied and delicious. When we weren’t eating the plantains, the group thoroughly enjoyed the make your own taco experience.

By the time Oaxaca Taqueria and Pinche Taqueria delivered, my tastebuds were shot. Sorry.

Follow this Foodspotting Guide to see everything we ate!

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  • Basically it was: take care of an alchool hangover with a food hangover!
    Awesome as always Justine Ma!

    • littlemisslocal

      Esatto! My hangover cure is bread and advil (headache medicine)- what’s yours?!

      • something like: fasting (no food) + tons of water/juices. Worst case scenario: just waiting telling yourself how stupid and idiot you are and that was the very last one…
        (readers,back me up: hangover-dirty-stories by Justine on the next post! LDL “LittleDrunkLocal”!!)

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