NYC EVENT :: NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY 2012 // happy doughnut doughnut day (say it twice for good luck) at doughnut plant, june 1st 2012


Most Americans think: Dunkin Donuts when it comes to Doughnut Day…

Photo By: Tucson Citizen

But New Yorkers think: Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant has been in my life for at least a decade. Easily.

My cousins, Amy, Annie and Katie, introduced me to Doughnut Plant during my early teens when I said, “I don’t like doughnuts”.

The only doughnuts I had back then were dry cider doughnuts or greasy, sugary Dunkin’ Donuts in New Jersey…

So they took me into the city and decided to challenge my tastebuds. They said, “Take a bite.”

Let’s just say… after one bite, they didn’t get it back.

Since that one teeny, tiny bite ( by the way it was a vanilla yeast doughnut which is not featured above), I requested doughnut plant EVERY visit to NYC. And when we couldn’t make it to the shop, I made sure to visit Dean and Deluca in SoHo to pick one up.

My favorites? The Vanilla Yeast Doughnut (or any flavor for that matter). And Carrot Cake. I don’t even like Carrot Cake, but I love Mark Isreal’s Carrot Cake Doughnut.

Photo By: Luxury Rentals NYC

I guess you could say I’m addicted, or obsessed, but biting into a Doughnut Plant doughnut reminds me of my childhood. Some kids went to play grounds… I went to Dean and Deluca… tomato, to-mat-to.

Doughnut Plant is super popular now. Mark has moved up in the world by taking his Grandpa’s recipe, selling it to individual vendors to becoming a demanding chain. They even have fancy pillows and trademarked ceramic doughnut tiles made by Mark’s Dad…

But I remember them from the beginning. I knew about Mark and his doughnuts before Bobby Flay threw down with him in 2007 because all I remember saying was, “How’s Bobby Flay going to make his version as fluffy as Marks??”

Obviously, he didn’t. Mark’s doughnuts are still the best and he knows it: He is the King of d’Nuts.

Did anyone try the doughseed flavors yet?

If not, you need to. Get over to Doughnut Plant and get a loyalty card- only one stamp per visit… even if you buy a dozen, just sayin.

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