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Butter Lane

One lovely afternoon, a FB update popped up on my iPhone and I was pleased to read that I was chosen as the “Blogger of the Week” for Butter Lane Cupcakes!

Totally honored.

You May Notice A Couple of Things Above:

  1. Yes, my facebook setting is set to Italian (gotta keep practicing right?)
  2. As Blogger of the Week, I am entitled to a 50% discount for an entire week- can you say, HELLO BUTTER (LANE)?!

So I stopped in at their East Village location…

Checked out the merchandise…

Looked up at the menu and saw this genius idea…

Chose the the Fig Frosting Shot, a Chocolate Maple Cupcake and the Cookie Dough Cupcake (because they were recommended on their FB page)…

LML Pick? The frosting shot. I mean, it’s genius. And it’s delicious.

Seriously, why haven’t frosting shots existed earlier? Back in the day I used to lick off all the frosting and forget about the actual cupcake (cupcakes were a  huge commitment and I couldn’t handle it under age 12).

Anyway, now that I had a taste of bliss, I needed to feed my frosting addiction. I thought about ordering more frosting shots, but my stomach would hate me for it. Then I thought about buying cupcakes for others to enjoy, but then they would secretly love/hate me for it. Therefore I did what any normal person would do in order to extend this magical experience… I bought a seat for a Butter Lane Cupcake Making/Frosting Class.

Find out what I baked, ate and swirled in the next post… see ya later cupcakes!

Part 1: Cupcake Making

Part 2: Frosting & Swirlage

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