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Om Factory

In order to prepare for my Butter Lane Cupcake Class, I went to a really intense yoga session at Om Factory. And I stress the word, intense.

By the end of my class, I was overflowing with energy and ready to bake. Cupcakes

When I arrived in the East Village at 7th & First Ave at 7pm, I introduced myself to the rest of the bakees. We were a mixed level group- we had a professional chef, a potential cupcake entrepreneur, a talented mother, two siblings, and a handful of novices (myself included)- LOVED IT!

So after we introduced ourselves to our small groups of 4-5 people, we spilt into groups. The choices? Chocolate, banana or vanilla- I chose chocolate!

We read the recipe but we could’ve done this blindfolded since all of the ingredients were prepped and measured for us… can you say convenient?

All we had to do was throw them into the Kitchen Aid Mixer, one by one… holy butter (lane)…

(and yes, it’s a very good idea to workout before class…)


Pour, stir, squeal…

Once the ingredients were combined, we put the icing-like batter into the liners with an icecream scoop… mine may or may not have been “too big” but my group members told me, “that’s what I would envision a cupcake to look like!” (phew).

When they came out of the oven, they looked like this (notice the giant sized chocolate cupcakes)!

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