NYC EVENT :: PART 2 BUTTER LANE FROSTING CLASS // learning how to make a frosting swirl and the secret to the butter lane yum factor


Remember when I was Blogger of the Week at Butter Lane Cupcakes?

You know, the time when I acquired a serious “frosting shot” addiction? Well, you’re gonna find out why Butter Lane’s frosting is oh-so-good.

While our cupcakes were cooling, we were given the task to make three different frostings for our chocolate, banana and vanilla cupcakes.

You could choose to make: chocolate, vanilla or cream cheese.

And initially, I chose cream cheese.

But then I looked over and EVERYONE had cream cheese. What??

Butter. Sugar. Pure Vanilla Extract AND Cream Cheese. 

Only difference? Add some chocolate or real vanilla bean… seriously, that’s genius.

So we stirred.

And we performed multiple quality control checks.

Once we finished taste-testing, our instructor, Rachel taught us how to “swirl”.

It’s not easy. I video-taped her.

However, we had a ton of fun mixing and matching the frostings with the cupcakes.

  • Cinnamon/Cream Cheese on a Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana Cupcake
  • Raspberry Puree/Vanilla on a Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana Cupcake
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter on a Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana Cupcake
  • Or the normal Chocolate, Vanilla or Cream Cheese on a Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana Cupcake :)

Correct me if I’m wrong (because I probably am) but I believe that’s 54 different versions to choose from. WOW.

And by the third or fourth frosted cupcake, some of us really got the hang of it! And one of us even WON a dozen cupcakes! But I’ll let you know now, it definitely wasn’t me… I was too busy licking the frosting off the spatula ;)

Congrats to the Winner! And congrats to the entire cupcake group, WE’RE ALL WINNERS…

because we didn’t have to do the dishes ;)

And we got to take home all 9 of our masterpieces…

Now it’s time for the next Blogger of the Week… maybe it’ll be YOU!

Thanks for a delicious class, Butter Lane! The next house party I host will start off with one or two rounds of frosting shots. Can I get an AMEN?!

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