BANGKOK, THAILAND :: HOT POT WITH LOCAL THAI FRIENDS // friends in thailand banned me from eating chips ahoy cookies, they got me out of the hostel, and fed me congee & hot pot


Remember when I was in Cambodia and got food poisoning for the first time?? Well, low and behold, they have Hot Pot in Thailand too.

After being discharged from the hospital, my local friends in Bangkok, Pearl and Pin (remember Pin from Malaysia??), visited me often. They brought me water, medicine, soup… they kept me company… basically they were amazing!

Pearl would tell me that viruses are a blessing in disguise because everyone looks good 10 pounds lighter, and Pin would encourage me to eat something other than the packaged Chip Ahoy cookies from 7-11 (tis true… it was the closest thing to home and it was sealed)!

So days after my stint in the hospital, my stomach was still sensitive and I was reluctant to eat again; therefore Pearl and Pin did what any other asians would do… they drove me to a really nice place for congee one night and the next night we went for hot pot.

Verdict: They must boil miracle water in these pots because I felt significantly better the next day. I was able to digest all of the food sans piercing stomach pains AND I enjoyed seeing all of the food cooked before my very eyes… I may or may not have kept it in an additional 10 minutes to be on the safe side.

** Sorry, no pictures of the congee because I was still in my ‘I don’t to even want to look at food phase’ that night.**


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