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Prior to my arrival in Thailand (as well as my food poisoning), I did some food research.

I googled typical thai dishes, fruits, vegetables, and seasonings which showed results for various parts of Thailand (North, Central, South)… and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know where to start… I didn’t even know what Thailand looked like… but I guess googling a map would’ve been helpful at the time…

So I searched forums, social sites, threads, blogs, any site that could point me in the local direction… and well, I finally found a winner. I found Kasma.

Kasma is a native Thai woman whose been living in San Francisco with her husband Michael since 1985. Kasma started her own cooking school in the Bay Area and Michael expanded her practice by putting Kasma on the internet via website and blog. Together, Michael and Kasma are very inspiring/supportive couple and I absolutely love that they are being recognized for all of their efforts! Since 1985, Kasma is a published author, a notable home Chef, and local Thai tour guide for tourists. You can read about their story here

For this part of my blog I will be “Following Kasma”… enjoy!

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