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In all honesty, I was afraid of Bangkok before I set foot in Bangkok.

Prior to my visit, the only knowledge I had of Thailand were the clips I saw from The Beach and The Hangover Part 2. I envisioned drag queens (known as ladyboys), busy streets, thieves, gangs, fake bags, and behind the curtain shows that I did not want to see.

Now that I have visited Thailand, I can say that all of those things do exist, but they’re confined to one small area… and in Bangkok, you can find all of the above and a whole lot more on the infamous Khao San Road.

Some people LOVE it, some people HATE it… there’s really no inbetween.

I wanted to avoid Khao San Road, but I figured it would be judgmental of me to make an accusation without seeing it for myself. So with that said, I gathered up a group of new friends and off we went!

Hi Khao San!

Bye-Bye Khao San…

I literally held my breath and battled my way through mobs of people smoking outside their favorite bars… avoided sloppy drunks with sticky drinks… dodged all of the vendors who were selling their overpriced wares…. and then there were others who were lined up at food stalls for Thai treats (I may or may not have been one of those people… but I wouldn’t go back because the vendor slapped my hand when I reached over for a napkin after biting into a cold eggroll… but I guess she has to build up a thick skin) on Khao San Road.

Regardless of the situation, it was a hot mess. If I were still a college student, I’d probably enjoy the atmosphere. Since I’m not… I couldn’t quite appreciate it, but I know two awesome girls who did.

Since we all agreed to make a detour, a local CouchSurfer called us up and told us to walk 10 minutes in the other direction to a jazz bar. Well, a Blues Bar with a live band, a fantastic collection of artwork and a crowd with more energy than they could handle. What a gem!

When the jazz bar closed their doors at 2am, we headed towards Khao San Road, but not-so-near Khao San, and stumbled upon a GREAT Pad Thai stall. I mean, it was REALLY yummy. For 35 baht I was ready to order two more, but the line was getting a little too long…

If I could end every night with a thick piece of paper filled with steaming hot, fresh from the wok, pad thai, for 35 baht ($1.00), life would be oh-so-sweet… even if I purchased it on Khao San Road.


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