BANGKOK, THAILAND :: FOLLOWING KASMA @ OR TOR KOR MARKET // pad thai egg omelet, more moringa oil, dessert, meat, fresh squeezed juice, fruit and vegetables

Where do foodies go in Bangkok?

Or Tor Kor Market.

How Come?  Well I wasn’t really sure why… is it for the pad thai? the bargains? the produce? So I took a 30 minute cab ride to see it for myself. Once the cab stopped, I entered the gated-ghetto-open market and understood the significance almost immediately.

The selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and other vital Thai cooking ingredients (like shrimp paste, spices, etc.) are prime at the Or Tor Kor Market (which is pronounced aw taw kaw)…

Just take a look for yourselves…

Prices: Or Tor Kor Market looks like a ghetto market from the outside but do not let the surroundings fool you. This place is filled with high quality ingredients and lets just say the prices match. You will not see bargains like other open-air markets, at Or Tor Kor you will get the fair market price (as you would pay in supermarkets, but with better quality).

Food: I literally walked up and down each row of food vendors, with a bag of mangosteen in hand, to help narrow down my lunch decision. Desperately trying to find the duck meal suggested by Kasma, I resorted to locals for help. They inquired, they translated and then they told me it wasn’t in season. So instead they chose a pad thai omelette for me (seriously, how nice are the people in this country??).

As I watched the man cook the pad thai and fry the omelette in approximately 2 minutes time, I asked him to add in oysters, but he just shook his head no (I’m pretty sure they were closing up shop since it took me until 3pm to decide what I wanted for lunch). So after breaking into the pad thai omelette, I tasted some vegetable dumplings. Unfortunately they were a little too bitter for my taste… so I washed it down with a fresh squeezed juice (a must-try at Or Tor Kor).

Location: Even though my friend and I took a cab there, I think we could have take the metro to the last stop and walked a good 10 minutes or so (if we were traveling on our own- but most times it much cheaper to take a taxi when traveling with another person).

Overall: Great foodie market. If I lived in Thailand, and had grocery shopping to do, I would chose to shop at Or Tor Kor. As for lunch, I was a little overwhelmed with the language barrier (we were in local territory) and I didn’t know quite what I wanted… so hopefully I’ll be back again in the future to nail the task… luckily help came along this time :)


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