BANGKOK, THAILAND :: FOLLOWING KASMA TO PARADISE PARK MALL // melt me chocolate, coconut oil, an entire floor dedicated to food, mangosteen juice, smoothies


While stalking Michael Babcock’s blog posts about Bangkok, one link lead to another and I started reading about coconuts. Then chocolate. Desserts. Moringa Oil. Turns out everything I was reading about stemmed from the same location…

Seriously, where is this foodie heaven that they call Paradise Park Mall?? Well, it was a good 45 minute taxi ride from Sukhomvit Soi 38, but I was so excited, I didn’t even mind! When I arrived at the entrance, I walked into this humungeous grocery store. Think of a really spacious Whole Foods; I saw treats that I hadn’t seen in months… pop chips, cheddar cheese, gummi bears… almost every single processed food that reminded me of home :)

When I made my way through the supermarket and into the mall area, I noticed that the permanent stores were featured second in comparison to the pop-up vendors dsplayed in the middle (usually its the opposite in the USA). So take a look below at the photos from Paradise Park… they should consider renaming it “food paradise”.

The mall was humungous. There were three levels in total:

  • 1: Food
  • 2: Clothing
  • 3: Restaurants and Clothing

Tips for Paradise Mall:

  • Clothing wise there aren’t any special shops in the mall, just commercial brands
  • The restaurants upstairs have a nice view of the mall, you could even see a movie at the theatre… but why would you do that?? You’re in Thailand (nevermind the fact that I just visited a mall)…
  • Eat downstairs and sample different dishes from multiple vendors. I may or may not have bought 2 pieces of cake, a bag of churros, a smoothie, mangosteen juice (not as good as I hoped), two bags of coconut oil, and some other treats…
  • OH! And please DO NOT try threading if you have sensitive skin. I told the woman just to do my eyebrows since it was my first time and well she didn’t listen to me… my face exploded into red welts… but my eyebrows looked good…

OVERALL: I tasted. I shopped. I was EXHAUSTED. By the time we left we hit a ton of traffic… so I thought about what I learned this afternoon… sat in the taxi… pulled out a piece of cake… and figured out a plan. Instead of taking a taxi all the way back to the hostel, our driver suggested that we take the metro back for 20 baht (less than a $1.00) instead of sitting in stand still traffic- SWEET!


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