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While feverishly stalking the blog, Thai Food and Travel, I stumbled upon an interesting post featuring a little shop full of deliciousness.

That deliciousness is something called dry duck noodles. Or as the Thai’s say, “Ba Mee Bped Haeng.”

Want me to break it down for you?? Ba Mee (Thin Wheat Noodle) Bped (Duck) Haeng (Dry).

For just under $2.00 USD, you get a bowl full of noodles, green vegetables and a healthy portion of roast duck. Can you say steal??

You also get a little bowl of soup on the side:

And the standard sauces to spice the dish up a notch or two- fish sauce (salty), chile in vinegar (sour), dry chile in oil (spicy) (hint: mix and match your sauces to find the perfect consistency for you):

What’s the name of the shop? I’m not gonna try to translate it from Thai… so I call it the shop with the hanging ducks because I have absolutely no clue what the name is. HOWEVER. I do know that it’s located near the Thong Lo skytrain (yes, Bangkok has a skytrain AND an underground system). Just walk on the left-hand side and continue to walk all the way down until you see the ducks hanging behind a clear shield, and the purple bank across the street.

Need more of a description? Well, the teeny tiny storefront is located next to a Japanese bakery… and believe me, you WILL pass it if you do not look for the hanging ducks. It’s like a hole in the wall with tables, chairs and an open kitchen (complete with a large sink, cutting board, boilers and pasta pots).

In addition to the roasted duck, you can get roasted pork belly in your noodles.

Verdict? For a whopping 60 baht per bowl (the equivalent to $2 USD) in a “restaurant”, it fills your belly with love and then some. It’s not the best bowl of noodles in town, but I’d say its probably the most satisfying (considering the fact I ventured there on four different occasions with my order written down on a piece of paper in hand).

Well what’s your pick? Duck or Pork? I must say it was nice to order a duck dish without the insane price tag… BUT as much as I’m a huge lover of roasted duck, the pork belly was better. Crispy, crunchy, flavorful, delicious.


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