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When I realized I wanted to “Follow Kasma” on one of her food tours in Thailand, I got in contact with her husband/business partner, Michael.

Thai Food and Travel Tours host a few trips per year to visit various areas of Thailand; and for my first Thailand excursion, this would have be a really convenient option. Each tour includes a 24 hour local Thai-speaking tour guide (which is Kasma, the founder/owner), a majority of local thai meals, transportation in Thailand and accommodation… however, all seats were filled this year (damn, Kasma is so popular)!

Since I couldn’t make it on the trip with Kasma, her husband, Michael, graciously pointed me in the foodie direction so I could get a taste of Thailand through Kasma’s palatte… and out of all of the fantastic recommendations, My Choice Restaurant seemed to be the most authentic, local establishment in Bangkok.

Therefore I hopped a cab with three girlfriends and chose the following dishes from the My Choice Menu:

Roasted Duck with Gourd Leaves (Bped Awb Dam Leung): Screw the gourd leaves and show me the duck! Hidden under a bed of greens, the duck was the tastiest dish of the entire meal.

Green Curry (Gkaeng Kiow Wahn): If you like flavorful and spicy, you will think this is spectacular.

Beef Curry with Roti: Possibly my favorite “completed dish” of the night. The rotee is undeniably delicious- super crispy and flaky all at once! Oh, and the beef curry was good too ;)

Spicy Eggplant Salad (Yum Makeua Yao): It’s spicy… it’s sexy… and I’m pretty sure, between me and my three friends, we were all fighting over the shrimp ;)

Fermented Fish Dip with Veggies (“coconut-milk based sauce made with salted crab and served with various raw and blanched vegetables”): Definitely the LEAST favorite out of the five. We enjoyed the mini cucumber slices, but we barely touched the actual dish- it just didn’t taste like something we wanted to eat.

OVERALL: All four of us paid $222.50 baht each for 5 dishes… but before you go all in a frenzy- we ONLY spent $7.00 USD each (I kinda sorta love the exchange rate in this country). Amazing right?

Bonus Points: Even though they didn’t speak English, they provide a menu with pictures as well as the names of the dishes in English. Additionally, the service was nice and the food was good.

LML Tip: This restaurant is definitely a bargain for the service/food you get; but if you decide to try out My Choice Restaurant, just remember… you will need to take a cab to this location in order to find it (and make sure they drop you off at the front door otherwise it’s a whole lotta alley). Thanks for the recommendation Kasma and Michael!

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