BANGKOK, THAILAND :: SHUMAI FOR BREAKFAST // niras cultural hostel, street cart & shop, baos, shumai, chinese breakfast cuisine

For me, breakfast in Thailand usually came off of a street cart and more times than not, I would sleep well past breakfast time… however, I started to wake up when a friend introduced me to these… shumai (also known as pork dumplings)!!

I mean… when in Asia, eat asian food, right?

My friend Lior showed me this little street cart/shop/gem which was located just down the road from the Niras Cultral Hostel.

Upon our arrival, I saw a whole crew of women chatting up a storm while spooning out the pork mixture into fresh dough and knew this was going to be a total winner.

Steam to perfection, I bought 6 pieces of shumai for 100baht ($3.00)… and seriously had to refrain from ordering double the amount. As for my vegetarians friends, they ordered baos filled with vegetables, taro root or red bean paste.

All of us were satisfied with breakfast and anxiously await the next 24hours to wake up for breakfast again.

This is not a joke. Photo below is from Breakfast Day #3


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