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Thai Iced Tea

I love thai iced tea. Like a lot.

I drank it everyday in Thailand (when I wasn’t suffering from food poisoning). And sometimes I’d even drink it twice a day.

Addicting? No. Refreshing? Yes.

Not to mention, I absolutely love the fact that the tea is naturally bright orange,  don’t you?

Flavor: Just an FYI, Thai Iced Tea is sweet… I mean, really sweet. The first time I had it, I didn’t like it (at age 14 in Florida at a Thai-style restaurant). However, when I had the real deal in Thailand, I was in love with the sweet, milky, rich flavor.

Ingredients: Black tea leaves, water, sugar, condensed milk and ice.

To get a better idea of how thai drinks are prepared and served, checkout this video by! Cheers!

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