BANGKOK, THAILAND :: FORTUNE TELLER AT WAT PHO // numeral astrology, palm reading, tarot cards, translators, lucky charms


Remember this guy from Wat Pho?

Well, I’ll probably remember him for a long time.

Why? Well he read my fortune and made my day (month, and year to come)! He told me my numeral astrology (birthday), read my palms as well as my tarot cards.

What did he say? Well, regarding the cards above, I’m actually not sure what those mean… but he said that I’m lucky (and a bunch of other things that I’m looking forward to)… so I’ll take lucky anyday!

BTW he didn’t speak English so he provided a translator from this company…

And although I was hesitant to pay 600 baht OR $20 USD for a reading, I’m so glad I did. He took his time, told me my story and I left with a glowing smile.

Such a fun experience getting my fortune told at Wat Pho!

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