BANGKOK, THAILAND :: BOAT NOODLES IN VICTORY MONUMENT // 30 baht per bowl, spicy noodles, crispy roti chips, fast service, full bellies, “kuay tiew rua” noodle shops

LML Readers, as you are aware of my disinterest in historical/touristy spots, you may be wondering why I’m showing you a photo of Victory Monument in Bangkok…

  • I wasn’t there to go shopping at the market
  • I wasn’t there to people watch
  • And I wasn’t there for the view (although it is kinda cool)…

The ONLY reason I paid 70 baht for a taxi (during afternoon rush hour) to get to Victory Monument were for these bowls of noodles (spicy beef & pork meatball)…

and these too (crispy roti chips)…

Why? After googling “What should I eat in Bangkok?” (yes, I googled), I found numerous links about Boat Noodles! At first I thought I thought that boat noodles were a specific type of noodle… but then I found out that they were actually talking about the “kuay tiew rua” noodle shops found in Victory Monument.

Why are they so popular?? PRICE. At 10 baht a bowl ($0.30 cents a bowl), locals fill up on these tiny portions for lunch. Just take a look at how many bowls ONE PERSON can stack up!

Preparation: Due to the high traffic of orders, the Chef works at a rapid pace while the servers manage an effective assembly line in order to get the bowls out fast.

How Fast? Blink your eyes, and five bowls of noodles would be prepared before your very eyes. I wish I would’ve video-taped the Chef in action, but I was too mesmerized to get the footage.

Seating Time? Well I waited about 5 minutes (on a line of 20 before me) and then I slid next to a group of strangers for community dining. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out what I wanted to order with the help of my new local friends and only 3 minutes to get all three orders of boat noodles in front of me.

Portions: I know I said they’re tiny bowls of noodles… but they’re actually really teeny tiny bowls of noodles. Take 3 bites and you’re finished… hence the reason why the locals order so many at a time.

Flavor: Spicy. Along with a spicy broth, you can order beef, pork or meatballs in your bowl of noodles– topped off with morning glory leaves (Thai veggie). Is it amazing? Not really. Is it good? Yes.

LML Tip: I noticed that most locals ordered 7 bowls per person and then they’d dump all 7 into one bowl to make a “generous” portion… however, I only managed to throw back 3 bowls & a side order of crispy roti chips to balance out the spice of the noodles (perhaps, I just ate too fast??).

In the end, I paid a little over 30 baht ($1.00) and left with a full stomach…

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