When I first arrived in Bangkok I was scared of the unknown

Not to mention I was really, really sick (due to food poisoning in Hong Kong)…

Luckily I had friends and great contacts nearby!

Slowly but surely I recovered and regained my appetite. From that point on I was like a bottomless pit (even if it was difficult to order a majority of my meals):

And when I wasn’t eating… I was gallivanting around town speaking to buddhists, visiting temples, relaxing my muscles with Thai Massages and getting my fortune read.

 Life turned out to be good in Bangkok. 

LML Tips:

  • Hotels: I stayed at the Niras Cultural Hostel near Khao San Road AND the Hi-Hostel on Sukhumvit Soi 38. I liked Niras Cultral Hostel because it was SUPER CLEAN, but I prefered Sukhumvit Soi 38 because I was near the metro, also clean, AND I was surrounded by food, just sayin…
  • Plane Ticket: If you plan on traveling around SE Asia, Bangkok is a GREAT starting and ending point. Before I traveled I thought HK was a good base location, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Bangkok is fun. Bangkok is convenient. Bangkok is affordable. Book that round trip ticket!
  • Oh and AirAsia is an affordable airline company that you use to hop countries (it’s 100x better than traveling by bus, but buses are more affordable)- personally I’d chose to pay the extra money for a flight because it’s so much more convenient- I wouldn’t risk getting sick, losing time or sitting next to a man who whips out his gun during a rest stop (TRUE STORY and it was so scary)!!!
  • And speaking of buses DO NOT chose VIP BUSES. All big luxury buses are air conditioned. You might need to wear clothing as if you’re in the North Pole because it gets that cold. They give you a blanket but three blankets wouldn’t even help you- it’s kind of ridiculous. You’ve been warned.
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