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Bus Ride vs. Train Ride: A 6+hour bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai seemed super convenient, but it was the worst idea ever. If I could turn back time, I would’ve taken an overnight train for practically the same price. Why??

  1. The bus was legit freezing.
  2. The chair only reclined so far.
  3. You have to fight with your neighbor for the arm rest.
  4. The bus stops at a rest stop at an ungodly hour (and yeah you get a free drink/bottle of water but who needs it?!).
  5. And did I mention it was FREEZING???

Never again.

When the bus dropped me off, I paid a tuk tuk (a motorcycle attached to a cart), 100 baht (and I definitely paid more than necessary, but it’s only like $4.00) to the home of my Host, Samart (CouchSurfer + AirBnB Host).

Since I didn’t sleep on the bus and was in desperate need to warm up my body, I thought it was best to get out of the house asap (remember I’m in Thailand so the only source of heat comes from the sun). SO, I dropped all of my stuff off in my room and signed up for a cooking class at Baan Thai Cooking School.

How Did You Hear About It? My friend Tina visited Chiang Mai on her honeymoon and highly recommended this local cooking school. She has the same adventurous spirit as me, so I knew I had to put this school on my priority to-do list. Well, this and ride an elephant.

Price: 900 baht ($28.00) includes Transportation + 6 Courses + Market Tour + Cooking Classes + Snacks + Drinks + Recipe Book

Service: QUALITY. This family-run business is super organized and is able to manage two classes simultaneously (max 9 people per class). I’m not sure how many people are on staff but they work as a team and have it down to a science- it’s kind of amazing.

Baan Thai Background: Their story is quite beautiful… one of their family members loved to cook and she always dreamed of having her own cooking school… but she passed away. Since she could not live out her dream, the family decided to keep her spirit alive by opening Baan Thai for her.

Be sure to check out my Thai Local Market Tour and ALL Six Courses… I guarantee delicious-ness. 

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