CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: PART 2.5 BAAN THAI COOKING SCHOOL // market shopping, fresh fruit smoothies, dragon fruit, thai treats

After we were educated on the ingredients need for our cooking class, we piled our baskets high with supplies and took a leisurely stroll to see what else was up for sale.

Some of us got fresh coconuts, some of bought snacks… but I was in my own little foodie world and stumbled upon a local fresh fruit smoothie stand. At 30 baht ($1.00) a drink, I could not refuse.

I mean, it’s kind of amazing how a blender can mesmerize me…

So without hesitation, I ordered the Special of the Day: Mint & Lemon Basil for 30 baht ($1.00)

It’s was so unbelievably refreshing, so I kinda-sorta convinced every single person in my group to order a drink from her… which led to a lot of fun fruit smoothie combos and fruit samples.

Do you know which fruit this is? It can be white and it can be pink (but the pink version is sweeter)…

It’s called DragonFruit!

And even though it looked gorgeous in the blender, I still prefered my Mint Lemon Basil Drink.

So back to Baan Thai Cookery School we went…

and once we settled down, we snacked on some treats from the market :)

Featured in the photo: Sticky rice cakes with watermelon juice, white dragon fruit, chips, cakes, dried fruit and melon. Thank you Baan Thai!

The next post will feature the first course I cooked: Pad Thai!

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