CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: PART 4 BAAN THAI COOKING SCHOOL // appetizer course, spring rolls, vegetables, papaya salad, fish cakes, palm oil

Appetizer Round:

  • Papaya Salad
  • Spring Rolls
  • Fish Cakes

When it came down to choosing which appetizer I wanted to make, I asked a staff member which would be the most difficult to replicate… so they recommended the Spring Rolls since they need to be fried in a large amount of oil. Truth.

So we started with the ingredients for the filling:

Veggies and clear noodles went into the wok (you can throw in any veggies you want, but we used carrots, mushrooms & beansprouts) with a spatula worth of oyster sauce, fish oil and garlic.

Once the ingredients were in, everyone took turns stirring the food in the wok (swirl, push, swirl push) and then it was put into a bowl.

Now that the first step is complete, our instructor had a secret ingredient to show us…

Yep, pre-made spring rolls LOL!

Every cook has their secrets ;)

So we took out the spring rolls and got ready to fill…

Then we folded…

And folded… until all of the filling was used.

When our spring rolls were prepped, we were told to put them into the hot oil.

Can you say scary?

A minute or two later, sans burn, they were ready…

And a minute or two after that, they were gone…

LML Tip: Instead of cooking fresh veggies with noodles, just use your leftover stir-fry, wrap it into a spring roll and deep fry that baby.


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