CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: PART 4.5 BAAN THAI COOKING SCHOOL // dessert, fried bananas, pandan leaves

Continuing with the fried theme, let’s talk about my favorite snack in Thailand: FRIED BANANAS!

Sweet in flavor, crispy in texture, and a buttery aroma that makes you want to reach for another.

At Baan Thai Cookery School I was given the option to make:

  • mango & sticky rice
  • water chestnuts in coconut milk
  • OR fried bananas <– the obvious winner.

So we coated the bananas, threw some pandan leaves into a vat of palm oil and then we let the bananas fry for 20 minutes. During this 20 minute period, the staff took care of the bananas while we finished up the rest of our cooking sessions- makes sense though since the bananas needed time to cool off before being served. Feast your eyes on those!

And when you don’t have time to make these while you’re in Thailand, just go to a nearby street vendor and pay less than a dollar for a full bag! And if you’re home and want to try to make these for yourself, try this recipe by Kim Thai Food Blog :)

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