CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: PART 5 BAAN THAI COOKING SCHOOL // spicy factor, hot and sour soup, homemade penang curry, thai chilies

FACT: Thai people have an insane SPICE TOLERANCE.

Just try to guess how many chilis could go into this mortor and pestle if it were made for Thai locals…

Answer: Approximately 30-40.

What’s my personal spice tolerance?? A whopping total of 3 chili’s… but that’s pushing it… maybe 2 is more accurate. I like heat, but I do not like the feeling of my mouth on fire.

So for the next two cooking lessons, I had to monitor the chili level (because Thai people like to amp it up a chili or five)!

First dish, Hot & Sour Prawn Soup…

So we heated a metal pot, threw in oyster mushrooms, chilies, onion, tomato, keffir lime, lemongrass, fish sauce, sugar, chili paste, coriander, spring onion and one more chili due to peer pressure.

When it was time to add the last ingredient to the pot, I gave it a taste test… and well, one chili was two too many.

In order to tone it down, all I had to do was add more lime; the lime cut the spice and left just enough heat to put a smile on my face!

Note to self, carry keffir limes in purse when in Thailand.

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