CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: TIPS FROM TEMPLES // wat chedi luang, wat rajamontean, wat monthian, wat kuan kama, coconut icecream sandwiches


After lunch at Grandmas Khao Soy House, we took a hop, skip, jump and car ride away to four different temples (also known as “WATs” in Thai language).

Find out what we learned below…

1. Scams happen.

2. Money DOES grow on trees.

3. Elephants are the best source of shade for a nap.

4. Climbing a wall with no steps is a BAD IDEA.

5. Monks are not a myth.

6. You’re allowed to ring the bells.

7. Temples are not air conditioned.

8. These are REAL Monks and will not try to sell you anything (unlike the “fake” ones in big cities).

9. Icecream in Thailand costs 30 cents. TRUTH.

Check out how they scoop the coconut/vanilla icecream into a sandwich! Best Thai treat in the area! YUM!

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