CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: DETOXING AT A PRISON // correctional facilities, one hour thai massage, make your own salads, fresh smoothies


So tell me what you think when you see this sign?

Well, whatever you’re thinking, you’ll never believe what’s in this Prison Product Shop… dolls… keychains… artwork… AND a massage studio…

So not lying right now. Women prisoners are trained to become masseuse practitioners so that they will have an occupation by the time they serve out their sentence; and to be perfectly honest, you would NEVER know that these women are prisoners because they do not fit the “prison stereotype” (at least not the ones I envisioned…blame the movies).

So my new friends, Huixin, Robert and I hopped into a red truck (the Thai version of public carpooling), paid 20 baht each to the driver and ran to the correctional facility.

Yes, I repeat, we ran.

It’s a first come, first serve basis… so we hustled to the entrance, kicked off our shoes (a Thai custom) and entered the shop when we eyed a small group of customers approaching the correctional famility around the same time… so yeah, the early bird does get the worm ;)

Routine: Pay 180 baht for a 1hr massage, met your prisoner masseuse, change into the outfit given to you, enter a large, clean room with six thin mattresses, lay down under the blankets, enjoy your hour long thai massage, and end with a warm cup of tea, TA-DA!

By the end of the massage you’ll probably feel refreshed (if you’re into massages) as well as HUNGRY. So the best meal to follow up the massage (aside from the little cafe attached to the facility), is a placed The Salad Concept on Nimman Road.

When you arrive, just stare at their menu board for awhile; you can chose a salad from their list of suggestions, or you can create your own!

Regardless of what you chose, it’ll be fresh and it’ll be filling… they are quite generous in their portions.

So I ordered a detox smoothie and a smoked salmon salad with tofu dressing (MUST-TRY!!)…


I paid 150 baht (under $4.00) for everything… so can you say, AMAZING??

I love you Salad Concept, thank you for existing!

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