CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: iBERRY DESSERTS // nimman road, cakes, icecream, and best described as a wacky willy wonka playground


Ever wonder what it’d be like to live in Willy Wonka’s world, outside the factory?

Well, I would envision his world to look something like this…

And guess what! This place does EXIST! It’s called iBerry and you can find a few of them in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

ATMOSPHERE: When you go to iBerry, regardless of the location, be sure to stay there for awhile. The environment is FUN, WHIMSICAL, and RELAXING.

FOOD: You’re going there for dessert and dessert only.

DISCLAIMER: You may get a little sugar high from all of the delicious options!

Homemade Icecream

Banana-Toffee Cake

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Honey Bread with 2 Scoops of Icecream

LML Tips:

  • Favorites Included: White Chocolate Cheesecake and the Stack of Bread with Local Honey & Homemade Icecream
  • Just make sure to sample the icecream before you choose your flavor (I tried half of the case before I made my decision)… for more info checkout my icecream guide!
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