CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: NIGHT MARKET STREET FOOD // thai vendors serve treats on a stick


Almost EVERY single vendor in Thailand sold something on a stick.

I mean, how else would you eat a chicken wing?

Other treats sans stick?

Rotee/Roti: Thai pancake made on a circular griddle, served with condensed milk & a variety of toppings; a popular favorite: chocolate

Mango Sticky Rice: a bed of sticky rice, sliced mango and condensed milk

Papaya Salad: freshly prepared spicy salad; made with papaya, beans, chili and lime

Checkout my video below to see how fast this Thai vendor makes Papaya Salad!

What’s your favorite Thai street food?

And for more street food fun, checkout fellow food enthusiast Mark Wiens of Eating Thai Food for tips on how to ‘tie a plastic bag with a rubberband like a Thai’ and other interesting facts!

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