CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE // riding around chiang mai to see the royal flower show, chiang mai university and one must-see destination


Traveling around Chiang Mai is easy.

  • You can walk.
  • You can take a red truck (public carpooling: if they accept you into the back of their truck, they’ll drop you off close to your destination at 20 baht per person).
  • OR you can hail a tuk-tuk and negotiate a price (max: 100 baht and if you can cram 5 people in the backseat like we did, it’s only 20 baht a person).
However, if you want to get around… wherever you want, whenever you want… just rent a motorbike! It costs 200 baht for 24hrs and approx. 60 baht for gas (which can get you pretty far around town… just make sure you bring a passport for bike collateral).

Once the bike was inspected (I took photos for my own protection but it wasn’t needed), we headed towards the Royal Flora. 200 baht a ticket and a lot of flowers. Kinda reminded me of Disneyland without the rides.

LML Tip: First time passengers, hug your driver around the waist; it’s more stable for the driver than holding onto their shoulders.

LML Tip #2: You can totally fit two, maybe three small people on a bike (I’ve seen families of 5)… just wear your helmets.

After the Royal Flora, we made it to Chiang Mai University where sat in the shade and did our best to avoid the mosquitos. It was calm, relaxing, and picturesque!

And for our last stop? Find out in the next post!

Hints Below (leave your guess in the comments section)!

1) A place where children are tourist attractions…

2) A place you need to climb a lot of stairs to reach enlightenment.

Where in the World is Little Miss Local? #wwLML

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