CHIANG MAI VILLAGE, THAILAND :: COOKING IN THE JUNGLE // unsanitary, fire, pot, organic vegetables, fresh meat, curry, jungle style


Volunteering in the jungle is appreciated, and there’s something for everyone to do… it’s just a matter of finding that something!

Personally, I had a difficult time figuring out where to help out:

  • building bungalows (jungle huts) weren’t my forte
  • digging holes for a bar went well for about 20 minutes
  • and volunteering at a school didn’t work out… so I decided to focus my energy in the kitchen!

And you’re probably wondering why I’m showing you a fire pit…

… but that’s how they cook in the jungle… this is their version of a stove… it’s called a Thai Bucket, and it works, REALLY WELL.

Basically, the amount of wood that’s put in at the base of the pot controls the temperature of the wok (in the USA, all we have to do is turn the dial)!

But before you can cook anything… you need to buy groceries from the market (located approx. 30 minutes away)…

Store it in a shady spot (PS: for refrigerated items we had a small unit to keep things cold but I don’t think that’s common in the jungle)…

Toss together a few onions, spices, and a ton of hot chili peppers in a mortor and pestle…

Serve everything you make to hungry visitors/workers/volunteers/guests because they really can’t turn down your meals since you’re in the middle of the jungle!

And don’t forget to compost, reduce, reuse…

and recycle!

Cheers to Thailand and all of its “morning glory”, LML is off to Laos PDR and making the trek via public tranport!

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