SP Chicken

As mentioned in my Bangkok summary, I was scared of the unknown in Thailand… truth be told, I didn’t even know if I could visit Thailand!

When I first arrived in Asia (November 2011), my father advised me not to go since Thailand was flooded; people were floating in Bangkok/evacuating the area, so when they finally got back on their feet, and the trains started working again, I decided that it was time to make my way over.

… on the bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, I was scared to death:

1) the Thai man sitting next to me took out a gun while we were at a rest stop “to look at it” (needless to say I changed my seat to a completely different section of the bus)

2) I thought I was going to come down with pneumonia due to the overuse of air conditioning;

… however, I learned vital transportation tips through this experience… avoided overnight buses from that point on and took the overnight train (instead) for long distances… for local transport, I traveled by red truck or motorbike whenever I could…

… once I got the transportation system down, I learned how to cook some of the tastiest and healthiest dishes on this planet:

… and when I wasn’t cooking, I was eating at some of the best food stalls, markets and pop-up restaurants:

BTW, that’s the juiciest rotisserie chicken in Chiang Mai at SP Chicken (not featured on LML)!

… as for the rest, I toured the entire city & beyond:

… oh and here are a few things I didn’t tell you about…

  • Spent the morning in a prison and the rest of the afternoon at the Denail salon on Nimman Road
  • Stayed in two locations: Spicy Thai (find them on FB) and Samart’s House (find him on Couchsurfing)

Yes, that is a real tuk-tuk that was made into a bar… and yes, it can still function as a real tuk-tuk.


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