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LMLers, below are the details from our stopover in Pakeng (after Day 1 of floating on the Mekong Delta for 7 hours) and the rest of the boat trip on Day 2!


Pakbeng was our quick stop over.

When you get off the boat (it was pitch black at night) you have to maneuver your way up this stairway mountain hill rock formation.

Once you walk up the steep path, inquire about a room at the closest hotel (don’t get fooled and book ahead for 300+ baht – if they ask if you have a room just say “yes” and they’ll leave you alone). Since we had our Lonely Planet, we got one room for the three of us at the closest hotel near the port for 30 baht each.

Since we were exhausted from the travel, we only had to walk 5 steps to the restaurant across the street for dinner. We had laab (ground meat) with sticky rice, complimentary shots of Lao Lao and then we walked to a posh hotel in the middle of the night to order drinks and to abuse their wifi.

The town was quiet and there really isn’t much to Pakbeng so we called it an early night, attempted a movie and passed out.

When we woke up for Day 2, we bought food to take on the boat and claimed our seats. From that point on you just sit, stare and admire your neighbors.

The highlight of the trip was when we parked our boat next these little guys.

Making a beer stop was fun too.

Eating ramen noodles was a necessity (purchased on the boat with hot water).

When books became a little too repetitive, naps became frequent…

But these views never got old…

I just started to unwind. My mind was at peace. I let go of things I was worried about… and just laughed.

It was the best feeling…

And before you know it, you’re already in Luang Prabang by mid afternoon…

In the back of a Jeep with a 12 year old driving you to your bungalow for the next few days- life is good!

LML Travel Tip: HIGHLY recommend taking the two day slow boat from the Thai border to Luang Prabang for 900 baht. If someone offers to take you by fast boat, I would reconsider; you’re basically in a small speed boat for two days… and the only thing that’s protecting you is a helmet on rocky water. People have died, just sayin.

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