LUANG PRABANG, LAOS :: KHOUN AND KHONE BUNGALOWS // handmade houses, family owned and operated, complimentary rides, live love eat at the best kept secret in laos


Remember Jack?

Well aside from being the amazing photographer that he is, he’s also a great traveler! When I was in Singapore, he highly recommended I visit Laos and rent a bungalow from his two local friends, Khoun & Khone; he also might have mentioned that they serve the most amazing pain au chocolat from their tiny-next-to-nothing kitchen.

Needless to say, he sold me at pain-au-chocolat.

KHOUN & KHONES STORY: Khoun (husband) and Khone (wife) own a piece of land outside of the center of Luang Prabang. Initially they were going to use it to farm vegetables, but an international friend recognized its potential for foreigners. So instead of planting vegetables, Khoun made bungalows with his barehands from trees in the forest and rocks from the river.

STELLAR SERVICE AT THE BUNGALOWS: Complimentary rides to and from the city, food service, laundry service, lao style barbeques, family atmosphere… some of the many reason why Khoun and Khone’s have made a name for themselves on local travel sites likes Travelfish.

As they continue to build their outstanding reputation, Khoun and his family save their money to build and maintain the land; as well as support their immediate and extended family.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: This is the perfect spot for a honeymoon or romantic vacation. At $35-$40 USD per night in a private bungalow with a beautiful western bathroom, it’s the retreat you’ve been looking for; pick out a book, order breakfast and enjoy the surroundings… Khoun & Khone’s could be the new eat, pray, love.

  • PRICE: $35-40 per night (ideal for couples)
  • FOOD: Yes
  • LAUNDRY: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • CAR SERVICE: Yes, complimentary from city center to bungalow; small fee from airport to bungalow.

*** Please keep in mind they do not have internet access, so contact them at least 1 week in advance from arrival date to see if they have availability (there are only a total of 7 bungalows). Additionally, they do not have a credit card so you must pay with cash.


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