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Things you can do at night in Luang Prabang:

1. Go to Lao Lao Garden for an authentic Lao BBQWhen you sit down at the table, they remove the stone in the center and replace it with a fiery pit. On top of the pit is the silver plate where you cook the soup, vegetables and meat. Nifty and nostalgic!

PS: He’s scrambling the egg with a chopstick through the shell!

2. Walk next door for a drink at the Hive Bar: On certain nights they have an Ethnik fashion show featuring 95 different outfits modeled by 17 laotian teenagers (which help them pay for school)! Post fashion show there’s also a talented hip hop crew that hypes up the crowd- simply AMAZING!

3. Navigate your way to Utopia for more drinks: Sit around a table, lounge by the deck, sink your toes into sand and sit next to the bonfire. I highly recommend spending an entire day at Utopia. Wake up early to do yoga, order breakfast, lounge, order lunch, play volleyball, order dinner and have drinks… so with that said, I guess heaven is a place on earth.



4. When you’re not in the mood for drinks you can always rely on the Night Market for entertainment: If you’re hungry consider paying 10,000 kip ($1.00) for an entire plate with anything (vegetarian) featured on the table or simply purchase snacks from individual vendors- cake, beef jerky, roast chicken on a stick, the norm.

If you’re in the mood to shop, you could do a lot of damage at this market. However, keep in mind that their prices are slightly higher in Laos than Thailand (for the same exact merchandise), but not by much so happy shopping!

Additionally, Travelfish has a few night time suggestions… local laotians recommend taking a tuk-tuk ride to the bowling alley when bars close… but to be perfectly honest, sitting around the fire at Spicy Laos (with new friends+ WiFi access) trumped all of those suggestions (unfortunately, I had to trade in my stay at the beautiful bungalows for a girls dormitory when Ollie & Katie left for Vang Vieng).

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