If I could do it all over again, this would be the advice I’d give to myself:


  • Purchase a roundtrip ticket. But but do not worry about how you’re getting from one city to the next… a route will create itself and you will change your mind every 24hrs.
  • Take notes from a Lonely Planet SEAsia guide. Although somewhat touristy, it has maps and tips that can be useful.
  • If you want local tips visit OR
  • Purchase travel insurance. Just do it.
  • Get a massage everyday.
  • Stay in hostels to meet fellow travelers and share information (if you’re a girl it’s much easier to change in all-girl dormitories as opposed to co-ed)
  • Pack light because no one cares what you’re wearing!
  • Bring a rain jacket and long sleeve shirts.
  • Bring an iPhone/iPad or some sort of device that has wifi connection!
  • Always wear a scarf to cover your shoulders when entering temples.
  • Carry an extra pair of socks (when you have to take off your shoes and prefer not to go barefoot)
  • Barter with the locals but do not fight over a few cents here or there.
  • Carry generic allergy medicine at all times (I got bit by a mosquito while sleeping and my eye blew up).
  • Tuk tuks are inexpensive so give a local a job and let them take you around the town.
  • Be generous.
  • Eat locally.


  • Do not hesitate when it comes to eating at street cart vendors (just watch their technique and make sure they wash their plates well).
  • Do NOT drink the water unless you see them open the bottle (especially at the fancy restaurants).
  • Do not leave home without a pair of sneakers and flip flops.
  • And most importantly, do NOT limit yourself. Be safe. Be kind. Be smart.


Next post will spotlight some of the fun I had in SanFran! #wwLML

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