As I flew away from Asia, all I could think of was the fear of “reality”.

  1. What should I do when I get back home?
  2. Should I visit another country instead?
  3. What should I eat first when I land in NYC?

The first question was difficult, the second was feasible, and the last one was easy. As soon as the plane touched down at JFK, I had Mama Ma drive me straight to Katzs Deli for a pastrami sandwich, and then a quick stop to Doughnut Plant Chelsea for a Bakers Dozen.

I spent the first few weeks in the US recovering from jetlag and insomnia (kinda-sorta difficult to get a good nights sleep in a foreign hostel) and seeing family members here and there. As I regained my strength (from the food poisoning + lack of fluids from the world tour) I had to focus a portion of that time rewiring my brain back to NY standards; I started speaking faster, moving quicker, and eating (achem) more…

There was a chunk of time when I was writers blocked; since I didn’t really have a specific direction to focus on. After being home for 3 months, I booked a trip to San Francisco with Mama Ma and my sister to complete my 360 world food tour.

Since it was a family trip we did some touring, a lot of eating and a whole lotta quality time with my extended family that I was meeting for the very first time!

Highlights of the Trip:

  • I had a Sex & the City moment when I ordered the Salmon Benedict at the Four Seasons in my bathrobe.
  • I learned a lot about San Fran when I read this book.
  • The fam and I took a mini road trip to Sausalito; I absolutely LOVED my casual dining experience at a place called “fish.” and highly recommend their fish and chips (even though I rarely order fish and chips… so yes, they were THAT good)!
  • MoMaSF has a great rooftop cafe and some of the most artistic treats.
  • Weird Fish is a great resto with good food and great prices.
  • Mission St is a little out there but such a unique street filled with delicious eats. Definitely a gold mine.
  • The Ferry Building on a Saturday is quite an experience. I loved the view as well as the market concept, but I didn’t appreciate the prices. Would much rather visit nearby local markets with the same produce and better pricing… however it is the Ferry Building so I guess you have to factor in the atmosphere into the price.
  • Bi-Rite sounds like a ghetto supermarket but it’s home to an amazing Salted Carmel & Chocolate Twist Soft Serve Icecream with Nuts #YumYumYum – the lines can be long so you better make sure you have minutes to spare to enjoy your cup of awesome.
  • Tartine Bakery tarts are out of control amazing. The place is crowded, and the lines can be long, however, it was definitely memorable… I will be making a stop there every time I’m in San Fran.

OVERALL: Before visiting San Fran, I thought I could live there and attend the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school… but after visiting the city and watching this video, I most definitely cannot live there. Even though it’s beautiful… there are way to many hills and it’s kinda scary (if you stray one block too far from the posh downtown area, you’ll walk into a black market – for seriously).

Looking forward to more trips to San Fran since the food scene is on the rise; their produce is local, organic, and bountiful. If only it weren’t for those hills…

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