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If I blogged every single day, for the first 45 days of my return home, you’d probably know every single bakery in NYC. I indulged in 2-3 desserts a day for a month+, and to be perfectly honest… I do not regret one bite what-so-ever

HOWEVER, I started to notice my sugar cravings increasing at a rapid pace and needed to regain control.

SOLUTION: Attend Shoshanna Levy‘s nutritional lecture called, “Lick the Sugar Habit“. (Photos By: Katrin Albert)

LECTURE CONTENT: After attending the Lick the Sugar Habit lecture, I learned about different forms of sugar: natural, processed & refined, why too much sugar can be a bad thing, how to curb the sugar cravings, and insight to a healthy lifestyle through Kundalini Yoga (sitting meditation).

INFLUENCE: After hearing Shoshanna speak, I was hooked. I wanted to know everything about how food affects the body, and how to live a healthly lifestyle. I interned with Shoshanna for a couple of months, contemplated a career as a nutritionist, and then I realized where I needed to be.

After a year of extensive research… I finally decided on a culinary school that supports my interest for local, sustainable, health supportive food; see which school I chose in the next post!


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