NYC :: DEALING WITH THE DISASTER // post hurricane sandy effects


No power? No hot water? How did pioneers do this?

For the past four days I’ve put myself in lockdown mode; I supplied with myself with water, batteries, flashlights, leftover caviar, a laptop and my iPhone for communication.

We haven’t had power or hot water for the past three days, and our fridge has basically given up on preserving any food we had stored. Instead of praying for the power and hot water to return to the apt, it was time to step out into the world.

With a change of clothes and a small bag of food on my shoulder, I was headed to the Upper East Side seeking internet and a hot shower from a friend… however there was a slight problem…

No power means no elevator. With flashlight in hand, I walked down several flights of stairs until I found the entire first floor flooded.

When I stepped outside, things started to get real. Trees were lying in the middle of sidewalks, poles were snapped in half, police were directing traffic by hand and cars were nose to nose in traffic.

Waited 20 minutes for the bus, but decided it’d be faster to walk 45 blocks North instead.

CURRENT SENTIMENTS: I feel somewhat strange. I feel like a refugee.

Last year I was nearly killed by a flood in Cinque Terre and this year I was caught in the middle of hurricane. 99% of my family and friends have been affected by this natural disaster and the only thing I can do is wait for the power to turn back on (and we have NO clue when that will be happening).

OVERALL: I honestly thought it was going to be some heavy winds, lots of rain, and a few broken tree limbs, but as I stepped outside of the apartment building today, I realized that it could be a week before we can start functioning as a city again.

Grateful that my family and friends are safe; hoping for a speedy recovery to everyone nearby. Headed back downtown sans power, internet and cable so I might be a little quite until the power comes back. Stay in touch, xoxo Justine

PS: Leaving you with a little positivity from the Boss, Jersey-style:

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  • Stay safe, and fingers crossed for you and all the folks in the tri-state area that hot water and electricity will be back on soon.