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Below you’ll find a map of NYC. I live somewhere below that red dotted line… and that red dotted line also represents the power line (if you’ve been living under a rock, the 14th Street energy source (aka the mother of power sources) exploded during the hurricane leaving every building under the 40’s powerless).

PS: I’ve been traveling 40 blocks North to a friends apartment just to get a hot shower and a few minutes of internet time to update you guys.

If this map is too complicated, take a look at a revised NYC map:

And if you want the satellite version, see below (Photo By: New York Mag):

Funny how a few blocks can make a world of difference: if you live anywhere below the 40’s you’re powerless, cableless, internet-less, heat-less… lifeless. This photo below was take at 40th street- the dividing line between power and no power… sad isn’t it?

NoPo (North of Power): I saw men walking around in their fur coats, women getting their hair and nails done, and dogs going for a walk. Stores are open and operating as normal. The clean up is light but there’s heavy traffic since everyone is the city is reaching out to the Upper East and West for supplies.

SoPo (South of Power): During the day most people are walking towards the UES or UWS seeking civilization, but around 5pm, everyone is scrambling to get home. If you take a look at the image below, that is the perfect example of the “battle of the buses”. People pushed, shoved and crammed themselves in as tight as they could just to get home before the city turned pitch black… and I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all subconsciously given ourselves 5pm curfews.

Worst Case Scenario: Although a bit envious of my friends in the NoPo areas, I’m thankful that the entire city didn’t blackout. I honestly couldn’t imagine how we’d ALL function without electricity and/or hot water. I mean, I used to watch Little House on the Prarie back in the day, but in no way shape or form would those episodes help me survive a week without a cold fridge, hot shower or power sources for communication today.

Overall: If the power doesn’t turn back on this weekend, I’m literally going to be living a real-life episode of Revolution and calling it the SoPo Diaries. Stay tuned friends, be back whenever I can access the internet.

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