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On my first day of culinary school, Mama Ma drove into Manhattan so she could take this photo:

Okay, not really.

But she was there to visit, so I asked her to bag me a lunch like the good ol’ days (hence the orange organic avenue lunch bag).

After making the commute to the Flatiron with my favorite Victorinox wheeled backpack (filled to them the brim with all of my culinary pre-requisites), I opened the doors to my new life…

I crammed my uniform, knives, aprons, side towels, socks, and an emergency change of clothes into my assigned midget sized locker;

Threw on a lock (that I neglected to write down the code of) and then I walked downstairs to Kitchen 1 (K1) to join my new team. Chefs Training Program (CTP) 215 is made up of 10 fierce women and 1 Irish lad (maximum 16 people per CTP).


  • To learn and implement healthy food sanitiation practices
  • To define tastes, textures, methods and procedures during the dish-making process in order to enhance my food writing
  • To understand “the why” behind organic, local, sustainable, health supportive food
  • To expand my knowledge in different cuisines and to open my mind to new experiences
  • To share my personal journey as I develop my skills and portfolio as a food writer

Now that my curiosity meets craving tour is complete, my new journey begins with the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC.


  • I will be posting 2x a week
  • One post will be published on Wednesday about a culinary school lesson
  • The other post will be published on Sunday about a restaurant, event or kitchen experience that follows up my culinary post of the week


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  • kums

    Have a good time Justine! :) Looking forward to your posts.